The difference between drinking alkaline ionic water and the normal water is that the excretion of urine is slightly more than intake. However, for severe kidney failure patients. Water intake has to be restricted.

Consumsing alkaline ionic water for these patients in controlled amount proved to be beneficial. Normal tap water contains phosphate, calcium carbonate and the acidic ions. These acidic ions tend to reduce the efficiency of the calcium ions.

Pure Alkaline ionic water does not have these problems and it can effectively strenghten the heart and increase urination. After consuming the alkaline ionic water for a month, the amount of urea and uric acid in the blood will show a marked improvement but will not disappear completely.

However, if you continue to drink alkaline ionic water for a period of 6 to 12 months, the urea and uric acid should be grossly reduced. Intake of protein during this period should also be controlled, persistent dringking of alkaline ionic water should eliminate the toxic effect of the urea and uric acid from the body.

According to a foreign paper report, patients undergoing dialysis tend to have their negative ions significantly reduced and the positive ions increased. Hence, according to the above experiment and from my personal clinical experience, drinking alkaline ionic water increases the positive ions which will have a significant effect on various kidney diseases. When kidney diseases do not respond to various drugs, it is good to threat them with alkaline ionic water. Source: Prof. Kuwata Keijiro, Doctor of Medicine.
Keep healthy and be happy from Kan’gen water.

Michael Thang
Enagic Global Distributor

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Goju Movement Instructor, Goju movement is part of member IKGA " International Karate Gojukai Association ". Go meaning is Hard, Ju meaning is Soft. To get healthy life we have to mantain balancing between Go and Ju as such Yin and Yang in Taichi. The most importings are how to syncronized between Spirit, Body and Mind through Goju Movement. and for maintaining our body to keep healthy not only through sport or Goju Movement we have to carry on what we drink since our body content more than 70 % water so we have to drink live water or miracle water or Kan'ghen water. Kan'ghen water contents are pH Alkaline, Strong antioxidant, Microcluster. Chemical Business Developement.

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